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What is myProgastro?

myProgastro is a web application developed using the most modern technology on the market. It is software for the gastroenterology area, with a focus on diagnosis and presentation of results. It can be purchased as a subscription or installed locally (on premises).

Since 2003

Progastro emerged on Portuguese soil in 2003 to conquer the world, bringing innovation and excellence in gastroenterological care to a global level

5 Countries

Progastro is widely recognized and used in several countries, including mainland Portugal and the islands, Canada, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola


+100 Doctors

A community of more than 100 doctors use or have used Progastro as a clinical reporting tool.


+30 Partners

More than 30 partners in the health sector, including hospitals, clinics and doctors' surgeries, trust in our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Software that adapts to your needs

Why choose myProgastro?


Subscription Software

Reduce hardware and server licensing costs with our subscription software solution (SaaS). Benefit from regular updates, ongoing support, mobility and access from any device.


Artificial Intelligence

Take advantage of advanced AI services for voice recognition, text prediction and image recognition in real time, optimizing operations time with cutting-edge technology.


Patient portal

Patient portal for scheduling and confirming exam appointments. Online results consultation. PDF results sent automatically by email.

Interoperability of systems

Prepared to develop integration projects with third-party systems using various types of technology, including: REST API, HL7, FHIR, Files, SQL Server, Azure services, AWS, among others.

Image and Video Capture

Advanced high-definition image and video capture capabilities Allows for a complete visual record, including: captioning, editing with tagging, facilitating future analysis and monitoring patient progress.

Quality Indicators and International Recommendations

Registration of quality indicators relevant to the field of gastroenterology, following the latest international recommendations, ensuring that it is in line with global best practice.


User-friendly interface

We believe that ease of use is key with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing you to access and use the software from any device, including mobile devices and tablets, offering flexibility and convenience.

Speed and agility

Numerous writing and data entry accelerators. Exam templates to replicate, report texts, type sentences, voice recognition.

Find the best plan

Explore our personalized plans and find the tailor-made solution that fits your gastroenterological care needs and priorities.
All plans include 30 days of telephone support.


With the Basic plan, get access to essential features such as scheduling, exam templates and voice recognition. Export documents to PDF and enjoy a database of up to 10Gb, with support via ticket."


per month


With the Standard plan, take your experience to the next level with automatic export of PDF reports, multi-position support and detailed analysis of reports and statistics, boosting your productivity.



per month


With the Premium plan, get a complete experience with SPMS integration and direct telephone support for maximum efficiency.




per month


With the OnPremise Acquisition plan, you have total control over your installation. For a single price of €2,800, you get the software to install on your internal server, guaranteeing total autonomy and direct management by the client.


Only paid once


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